Best formal pant shirt combinations

Best formal pant shirt combinations

Every guy should know these formal pant shirt combinations(mens clothing guide). Its better to dress smartly than buying expensive and ugly branded clothes.

Best formal pant shirt combinations

Men in black

Best formal pant shirt combinations

Amazing outfit

Best formal pant shirt combinations

40 best formal pant shirt combinations

We will guide you and make an easy step for you to buy good clothes without any furstration of deciding what is good for you.

Somebody well said that your first impression is your last impression

And in this busy and modern world your appearance matters a lot. Whether you are going for a meeting or for an interview your overall looks matters.

40 best formal pant shirt combinantions for you

Best formal pant shirt combinations

Best formal pant shirt combinations


Best formal pant shirt combinations

Black is love:-

Black is love

Admit or not but men look way more good in black than other colours. And also black easily get a good shade with light colours.

Men in black

Look this classic style is absoulutly perfect looking dress for formal look.

Black is love

Why to get bored by trying same things. You can also try this all black pant shirt combination on different occassions. Ofcourse it enhances your personality.

Skyblue and blue colour:-

Skyblue and blue colour dress


Skyblue and blue colour is the most common formal colour.  Why not it always looks good and classy and Considerable as the most convenient colour. And also could be worn in every seasons whether its hot days of summers or cold winters.

Skyblue and blue colour

Baby pink (pant shirt combinations):-

Baby pink

You may not wear this often. But this looks very elegent as a formal colour. And you will surly get some attention when you will wear this.

Formal Bold red and maroon (man’s colour):-

Bold red colour

Red is always called man’s colour. Almost every guy like red colour. But when it comes to formal wears not everyone try this idea. It looks very elegent. These type of unique looks can be the best formal pant shirt combinations for you.

Pattern (lines and checks):-

Amazing Pattern shirts with lines and checks

amazing pattern shirts with checks and patternhttp://Somethingtrend

Check shirt

You can also try some simple check or line pattern shirts. These formal attires looks pretty if you wear often. You need to care about some things.

1. If you are a tall guy then you can go for both type of patterns checks and lines.

2. If you are a short guy then you should avoid vertical line patterns and go for horizontal line patterns. As if you wear vertical type of line pattern shirt your hight will look even more small. So better go for checks rather than vertical lines.

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