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How to cure dark circles in a week with patato

cure your dark circles with patato

Anxiety, depression, disturbed sleeping manner and stress on eyes can cause dark circles.How to cure dark circles in a week with patato. Dark circles always considered as the most irritating problem which don’t leave easily or can’t be cured easily. But its not true. By taking care of yourself and applying good method will surly solve your problem. And you will get rid of dark circles easily.

How to cure dark circles in a week with patato


Cause of dark circles:-

Anxiety, Depression cause dark circles 🙁 :-  


Anxiety and depression is the main reason in most people for causing dark circles. In todays world nobody has time for each other. And because of that people no longer share that much feeling with each other that they should share. As meeting with friends and sharing your feelings etc helps you to stay happy and calm.

Sleep deprevation :-

People these days talk all night with friends or girlfriend/boyfriend etc. Hence sleep less. Which can cause dark circles under your eyes.

Stress on eyes:-

If you read in low light conditions in the night then you could suffer from dark circles problem as well. So don’t stress your eyes.

Using smartphones:- 

Believe it or not but if you stick for a long time to your smartphone playing games or texting your friends. It could also cause dark circles under your eyes. Studies shows that 45% people who use smartphonesmartphone more than 3 hours continuosly are suffered from problems related to eyes.

Poor diet can cause dark circles:-

Lack of vitamin k and iron in your diet can cause dark circles. Vitamin C also increase the blood circulation. So deficeincy of vitamin C can also be the slow blood circulation near your eyes.

First you have to know what is the reason behind your dark circles or pluffy eyes. Then you can treat yourself.

How to cure dark circles in a week:-

Using patatoes :-

How to cure dark circles in a week with patato 

Patatoes has iron and calcium which helps your skin area under eyes to get tightened. And get whitened.

Steps to cure dark circles in a week with patato :-

Note:- Do these steps before sleeping everyday.

1. Cut two patato slices in round shape which can cover your eyes.

2.  Then first wash your eyes. And after cleaning your eyes gently with a soft towel put those slices on your eyes for atleast two minutes.

3. Then slowly rub that patatoes on your eyes gently. And do massage for half of minute and then leave it for 15 minutes.

4. Change side of the slices after every 5 minute.

5. And when fifteen minutes completed then you can throw that slices. Let your eyes unwashed for good resultes and take a good sleep.

Note :-

How to cure dark circles in a week with patato

You can also use cucumber instead of patatoes or can use both and do the process 2 or 3 times per day.

You can use patato juice or grind patatoes:-

Grind patatoes and sqeez them with your hand and you will get patato juice which you can apply directly under your eyes or you can use grind patatoes directly as well.

Coconut oil :-

How to cure dark circles in a week with patatohttp://Somethingtrend

Pure coconut oil can also cure dark circles. Apply it dircetly under your eyes by using two fingers. Massage your skin area under eyes for 5 minutes to get good results.

Get rid of dark circles permanently :-

cure your dark circles with patato

  • Don’t use smartphone till late night.
  • Take proper sleep.
  • Don’t take stress.
  • Take good diet.

Apply these steps and you will get rid of this problem easily.

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