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Pub G mobile tips and tricks to win every chicken dinner

Pub g:-

For those new to the game, the first thing you should know is that PUBG is all about surviving until the bitter end in a 100-person free-for-all or as a team by any means necessary. Yet whether you’re the kind of player that likes to grab the best weapons you can find and go all guns blazing, or you opt for a more stealthy approach, there are some gameplay basics that apply to everyone that enters the battlefield.

In this guide, you’ll find some essential tips and tricks that will put you ahead of the pack in PUBG mobile and help you bag those sweet, sweet chicken dinners.

Landing decision:-

Choose where to land very carefully

A game of PUBG can last as long as half an hour or, if things go horribly wrong, it can all be over in a few seconds. One surefire way of exiting early is by misjudging your initial landing spot.

As a general rule of thumb, you want to aim for the best loot spots in the game’s Erangel map (the desert map miramae, will launch in a future update) while also avoiding as many other players as possible. There are some particular areas that regularly spawn the best weapons and armor such as the military base, power plant, or the various major towns, but bare in mind that other seasoned players will be heading there too.


Once you’ve jumped out of the cargo plane, keep an eye out for swarms of other players heading to a single location and avoid those areas like the plague.

Likewise, don’t just aimlessly drift once you’re in freefall—pinpoint a safe enough area, preferably with buildings so you can grab some loot, and push forward to speed your way there. Buildings will show up as white blocks on the mini map, so make sure you’re heading in the right direction.

First loot hit later:-

Loot first and don’t chase to kill anyone until you have sufficient armour and guns.Play smartly. Don’t need to play aggresive if you are noob.So Shoot only when your target is in range or you can kill him easily.Otherwise don’t take risk.

What could be better than feet:-

You need a vehicle if you want to go far.So It is needed when safe zone appears far from your location.Then as a result you need to get a vehicle.Then smartly get a vehicle.

While playing with friends:-

When you play with your friends keep connected with friends.Don’t leave them.And don’t go so far.

Enable mic and speaker in game.So that you can talk with friends.

Some important pro tips:-

1. Don’t stay while firing at someone.If opponet is also attacking.

2.Don’t use scope in one on one competion when you both are attacking.

3.If you have some skills then you can land to school.This location has lot of weapons.

4.If you are noob then play defensive.

5.If you want to improve your skills play aggresive.

6.If you are noob don’t go to the enter of the safezone circle.

7.If game is lagging so much even you have nice phone.Then check left side bottom of your phone.If the all sticks are green it means you have good internet.If red it means weak internet connection.

8.In the last safe zone circle don’t gather with you friends.

9.Check map frequently to check you teammates and safe zone area.

10.Keep jumping while running.It helps to reduce accuracy of enemy.


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